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Is Water Damage Common After a Fire?

10/6/2022 (Permalink)

Commercial fire damage If you've just experienced a fire in your business in Miami Lakes, FL call SERVPRO.

Is Water Damage Common After a Fire?

When we hear about a fire, we often think of flames and smoke, but there are other elements that arrive at the scene along with those who respond to put out the fire. These elements include water and other materials used to put out fires, as well as firefighters themselves who may be covered in soot or ash as they do their best to keep everyone safe. While most people think of fire only damaging one room at a time—their own home or business—the truth is that water damage from fighting fires can extend beyond just one room in your house or building. In fact, water damage after fires can affect entire structures if not handled properly!

Fire extinguishers are primarily made of water.

Fire extinguishers are primarily made of water, but they're pressurized to about 30 pounds per square inch (PSI), which is enough to expel their contents as a fine mist. This helps put out fires by cooling and suffocating them. Fire extinguishers are typically labeled A, B, C, or D depending on their contents: water, carbon dioxide (CO2), foam, and dry chemical powder respectively. They should be tested regularly so you know they're still in working order—this can be done at home with an aerosol can sprayer or by a fire station in your area.

Water is used to suppress the fire.

A fire truck carries a large amount of water, and firefighters will spray huge amounts of water on a home or business as part of the firefighting effort. This is done for two reasons: to douse flames and to cool materials taking the brunt of the heat and flames. The combination of heat and moisture can cause extensive water damage, even more so than fire damage. The first step in removing water from your home or business is to pump out standing water.

  • Water damage can be even more extensive than fire damage.
  • Water causes damage to the structure and building materials like drywall, insulation, floors, and ceilings. Water also causes mold and mildew growth which is very expensive to repair.
  • Water damage can cause electrical problems such as short circuits and corroded wiring, which pose a serious safety hazard if left unchecked. Firefighters are trained on how to deal with both types of damage but in some cases, water may be more prevalent than fire so it's important that you assess your situation carefully before calling in professionals for help with either type of disaster recovery service

The first step is to remove the water.

The first step in removing water from your home or business is to pump out standing water. The two most common ways you can do this are the following:

  • Use a wet/dry vacuum to remove standing water. A wet/dry vacuum uses a pump to extract surface-level water from carpets, floors, and other surfaces. If you don’t have one at home already (they're not as expensive as you might think), then consider renting one from a hardware store nearby for about $50 per day or less.
  • Use a submersible pump to remove standing water. If there's an underground source of the flooding—whether it's rainwater seeping through cracks in the foundation or sewage backup into pipes—you may need to hire an expert plumber who has access to specialized equipment like submersible pumps (which look like hoses with handles) that can be used underwater without causing damage inside walls or floors where they're placed.[1]

The next step is to dry out your structure.

The second step in water removal is to use air blowers and dehumidifiers to remove residual moisture from inside the structures in your home or business.

Air blowers are specialized tools that use forced air to dry out wet walls, floors, and other surfaces. They're particularly useful for drying out the walls of an office building after a fire because they can be used on all four sides of each room simultaneously instead of just one side at a time with traditional drying methods.

Dehumidifiers are also important tools for removing residual moisture from within a structure after it's been damaged by firefighting efforts. The goal with these devices is to lower the relative humidity level so that mold growth doesn't occur while you wait for professional restoration services like ours here at SERVPRO of Miami Lakes! We even offer financing options if you need them!

Preventing mold and mildew.

In the final step of water removal, you must treat any surfaces that may have been affected by mold or mildew growth as a result of sitting in water for an extended period of time. Mold and mildew can cause substantial damage to your property. The organisms thrive in wet environments, so it's important to remove them as soon as possible.

Mold and mildew removal is best done by professionals who understand the complexities of moisture damage. This can get expensive quickly if you don't properly protect your house from future leaks or other causes of water damage!

Fire damage and water damage are closely related.

If you’re dealing with water damage after a fire, it's important to know that the two are closely related. Water damage is caused by firefighting efforts, and can be more extensive than the fire itself. This can cause mold and mildew growth, and structural damage—and all of this recovery work has to be done before you can move back into your home.

If you've just experienced a fire in your home or business in Miami Lakes, FL, and need help getting back on your feet, reach out to us today!

Fire damage is a serious problem, and water damage can be even worse. If you’re in the process of dealing with fire or smoke damage, it’s important to take steps immediately to prevent further damage. The best way to do this is by hiring professional water removal services as soon as possible after your fire has been extinguished.

Avoid Secondary Damage With Roof Tarping

5/15/2022 (Permalink)

The higher portion of the roof was covered with blue tarp Covering the damage caused by the fire on the roof with tarps or boards is critical to minimizing the damage and maximizing the claim.

Roof Tarping Can Help You Avoid Secondary Damage

If your North Miami Beach, FL, business has experienced fire damage to the roof, it is vital to begin fire cleanup as soon as possible. While waiting for a professional fire damage company to begin the cleanup, you still need to ensure your business is protected. Tarping or boarding up damaged areas offers numerous benefits.

Benefits of Tarp Services

A roof with an exposed area creates opportunities for secondary damage to happen. The sooner you get those areas covered, the better the chances of reducing the potential for another situation to happen. Below are three key benefits of tarping: 

  • Any hole in the roof means that excess moisture or critters have an opening to your business. If that happens, on top of fire cleanup, there will be additional items to repair that may quickly add up.
  • Depending on the extent of the damage, it may be enough for a thief or vandal to gain entry into the business. The valuable equipment and other items necessary to keep your business running are then at risk of being stolen.
  • Fire damage creates the potential for added risk to people as well. Tarping the roof also means that the damaged area has been assessed. This helps minimize the chances of an incident happening that the business owner would be liable for.

Effects on Insurance Claims

While insurance will likely cover roof repair, it won’t cover any secondary damage. Often, an insurance provider will require that temporary repairs or tarping be completed. Instead of risking getting less on the claim, it’s best to act fast and minimize damage.

After an incident, it may be easy to focus on the fire cleanup itself, but it's also important to consider what exposed areas may mean. Tarping or boarding up roof damage is essential to minimizing damage and maximizing the claim.

Check Your Insurance Policy for Mold Coverage

4/6/2022 (Permalink)

A specialist is remediating mold damage in a room Mold spores are everywhere, even if you can't see them. They are carried by wind and air currents and can enter buildings on clothing, shoes or pets.

Check Your Insurance Policy To See If You're Covered For Mold.

After a water-related event like a storm, pipe burst or fire, mold can begin to proliferate in your Bal Harbour, FL, building. Left unchecked, wet or damp surfaces may provide a breeding ground for mold within 24 to 48 hours. It's important to understand your commercial insurance policy to see if mold damage is covered.

Why Mold Is a Problem

Mold spores are everywhere, even if you can't see them. They are carried by wind and air currents and can enter buildings on clothing, shoes or pet fur. Spores will begin to grow in an environment with these conditions:

  • Moisture
  • Oxygen
  • Food source (organic material)
  • Warmth

Building materials like wood, drywall, ceiling tiles and carpet provide food sources for mold, so once moisture enters your facility, it can begin to colonize and cause damage.

Insurance Coverage

Commercial insurance policies differ in scope and size. Whether your policy covers mold damage depends on the language in your policy. It also depends on the source of contamination. The standard Insurance Services Office, or ISO, form contains a broad fungus exclusion. Mold is a type of fungus and falls under the exclusion.
There are three exceptions to the exclusion:

  • If the mold results from fire or lightning
  • If you have a specified cause of loss that results from mold
  • Fungus that results from a specified cause other than fire or lightning (limited fungus coverage)

Under limited fungus coverage, the policy covers damage, repair and cleanup. It covers loss or damage if the mold results from a specified cause of loss. If your policy includes an endorsement for flood coverage, mold resulting from a flood is also covered.

To obtain mold insurance through limited fungus coverage, you must use reasonable means to preserve your property from further damage before and after the triggering event.

Limited fungus coverage can help pay for a professional remediation company to mitigate damage caused by mold. Check your commercial insurance policy for details.

Residential Recovery: How To React to a Sewage Backup

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

Restoration machines are cleaning a house after water damage Is water damage present in your home? Call SERVPRO for all your restoration needs. Our crew is always available to take your call.

How To Recover Your Home After A Sewage Backup

Most people don’t give sewage much thought, but that all changes the moment it ends up on the floors of their homes. The problem could stem from a flooded toilet or even result from a full-blown sewer backup, but in any case, immediate action is necessary. Contaminated water is a risk to property and personal health in North Miami Beach, FL, and although there are steps you can take to mitigate damage, it’s often best to leave sewer cleanup to a professional restoration team. Here’s what you should know if you run into this type of home catastrophe.

The Do's and Don’ts

Walking into a room and finding a shallow pool of dirty water is enough to give anyone pause, but it’s crucial to take swift action to keep everyone safe. Before you call for reinforcements, consider these first steps:

  • Do remove people and pets from affected areas and keep the areas clear of traffic.
  • Do open windows to vent out fumes and circulate fresh air.
  • Do outfit yourself with protective garments if possible, including rubber gloves and boots as well as eye and face protection.

It’s also beneficial to avoid these knee-jerk reactions when sewer cleanup becomes necessary:

  • Don’t remain in the home or use appliances if the water has reached wall outlets or other electrical sources, as this is a major fire risk.
  • Don’t utilize harsh chemical-based solutions to eliminate clogs, before or after flooding occurs.
  • Don’t use running water in your home or attempt to flush toilets, which can make problems worse.

Make the Right Call

Unless you’re extremely confident in your capabilities, it’s smart to consult professionals when sewer cleanup is required. A sewer backup or badly flooded toilet introduces harmful microbes to the environment and can cause illness and lasting property damage if the right sanitization methods are not employed. If you’re a homeowner in North Miami Beach, FL, keep a qualified recovery team among your contacts for assured peace of mind.

Is Your Business Flood Ready?

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

Warehouse of a restoration company SERVPRO is your local water, flood, and fire damage restoration professional. Call SERVPRO today to learn more about how we can help!

Is Your Company Flood-Ready?

Flooding can cause extensive damage at a commercial property in Biscayne Park, FL. Building owners and managers should take the following measures to limit the severity of damage.

Back Up Records

Building and business owners can rest easier if important data and records are backed up. There are several methods to consider:

  • Cloud-based storage
  • Off-site storage
  • Elevating paper records

It is a good idea to make digital backups of records. Store paper files in a location that is not as likely to flood or on any level above the ground floor of a structure.

Elevate Delicate or Dangerous Items

Appliances, paper files, devices and furniture may remain in good condition if these items can be moved to a higher floor of a structure. It is also a good idea to try to raise electrical panels, switches or wiring in the basement or on the ground floor.

Check Flood Insurance Coverage

Owners of buildings located in a flood zone should maintain flood insurance. This coverage can offset the cost of flood damage mitigation and restoration. Make sure the policy is current, check the limits and keep track of contact information.

Choose a Floodwater Management Method

There are many ways to control the flow of floodwater. Use one or more of the following methods to keep black water away from a structure:

  • Sandbags and plastic sheeting
  • Self-stabilizing barriers
  • Water-filled barriers

Investing in a sandbag alternative can make preparing for flooding easier, faster and more affordable in the long run. Many of these systems can be reused.

Prepare the Basement

Building owners may want to have a basement waterproofed. Test the sump pump and install a battery-operated backup or generator in case of power failure.

These measures can lessen the extent of flood damage at a commercial structure in Biscayne Park, FL. If a building sustains damage from flooding, schedule a consultation with a mitigation and restoration company.

Fire Preparation: Do You Need an Emergency Action Plan?

1/4/2022 (Permalink)

People escape to fire exit door An evacuation plan is necessary for your building.

Do You Need an Emergency Action Plan?

Emergencies are unpredictable by definition which is why every business should have a contingency plan. When it comes to an Emergency Action Plan, you are typically dealing with fire preparations. Now, not every municipality requires a company to have an EAP, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. There are at least four things to consider in determining whether you should craft an EAP or not.

1. Fire Extinguisher Mandate

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, if your building is required to have fire extinguishers on the premises, and if people will be evacuating during the fire, then an evacuation plan is necessary. This is true even if fire extinguishers are merely provided and not required as well.

2. Fight or Flee

The fight or flee principle will also help you understand if a contingency plan is mandated. If you have a company with an in-house fire brigade, meaning that you intend to fight internal fires, then an EAP is not required. However, if anyone in your company is going to flee the premises, then an EAP is needed.

3. Occupational Safety and Health Administration Guidelines

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines, specifically [29 CFR 1910.157], dictates the rules surrounding mandatory EAPs. Essentially, as stated above, if a company or anyone for that matter, will be evacuating the premises then an emergency plan is required.

4. Evacuation Policy

Ultimately, most businesses must comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulation and define a clear evacuation policy. You can contact a fire remediation specialist in the Biscayne Park, FL, area to help you asses your property and create an emergency plan, or you can contact your local emergency services and discuss your concerns.

While a contingency plan may be a lot of work to develop, a well-crafted plan can potentially save lives. Additionally, an EAP is required federally, unless you want to create your very own fire brigade. While it may be exciting to put on a firefighter’s uniform, it may be more practical to put together an evacuation plan that is clear and effective, keeping everyone safe and sound.

3 Tips for Maintaining a Commercial Irrigation System

12/8/2021 (Permalink)

A commercial local flooded SERVPRO is here to help in your time of need. We are water damage restoration experts who are available 24 hours a day to respond when you need us.

3 Tips For Keeping A Commercial Irrigation System Running Smoothly

If you have an irrigation system at your business in Bal Harbour, FL, odds are you may experience a problem with your system. Irrigation flooding can lead to potential water damage and require the services of a water damage restoration professional. Fortunately, when your system goes haywire there are a few things you can do to help mitigate any trouble.

1. Know Your Zones

Some irrigation problems may be occurring in one part of the yard over another. This can indicate that the main problem is located within a specific zone. Knowing where your zones are can help you know which sections to check for potential issues, and examine the area for the source. For example, a big tree in one zone may have wrapped a root around an irrigation pipe.

2. Check the Valves

it's a good idea to check the on/off position of all the valves when experiencing irrigation problems. When going over the irrigation system it’s also important to look for debris. Things like rocks and twigs can get inside open valves and clog up the pipe. A blockage could be the source of any trouble the system may be having.

3. Contact a Specialist

If the problem with your system isn’t obvious, or isn’t something you can fix on your own, it’s best to contact a professional to look over the irrigation. They can look for potential electrical trouble as well as at the system’s hardware, and will have the right tools to fix problems that may be occurring with the pipes.

A broken irrigation system could be a result of a number of problems, but it’s important to get it fixed before you start experiencing water damage problems as well. When problems start occurring with your irrigation look at if any specific areas are having more trouble than others. It’s also a good idea to ensure all the valves are in the correct on or off position, and that none are clogged by debris. When in doubt, contact a professional.

Mold: A Primer

7/21/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on wall Once you found mold, you need to act fast.

"Black mold" is a term frequently tossed around water-cooler conversations these days. People mention it often and talk about how they should get rid of it. The fact is that all molds, not just black mold, are not welcome indoors. Here is a primer on mold so you can improve the quality of the breakroom chatter with facts.

Mold Is a Fungus

Molds are so common that most people can identify them by their fuzzy appearances, due to tiny little filaments called hyphae. The thousands of species of molds are fungi, and they need oxygen, moisture, and organic materials to survive, which means they can survive nearly everywhere. While they are surviving, they are digesting and destroying your building materials. Some molds, including black mold, give off mycotoxins. These are odorous gases resulting from the digestive process. You are also probably familiar with the dusty surface of molds, which are actually mold spores. They travel around the air and settle in areas, where if moist enough, they will take root and develop into colonies.

Mold Infestations Can Be Prevented

You can never fully get rid of mold in your building in Biscayne Park, FL because more spores will just come in through the doors or ventilation systems. Sometimes spores even travel inside by taking a ride on your clothing. Mold exists naturally in the environment, and if there is moisture then there is mold. Even though mold spores are everywhere, you can still take some simple steps to control mold and prevent infestations.

• Clean your building regularly, especially carpets and HVAC systems to prevent spore buildup.
• Reduce high humidity, which is a moisture problem, with good ventilation and proper use of air conditioning.
• Fix leaks and repair water-damaged building materials as soon as possible.

Once you find mold, you need to act fast to prevent damage and the spread of more colonies. The source of the water damage should be fixed immediately. Mold remediation professionals can help with mold cleanup, creating a containment area and special air scrubbers to prevent further spread of mold.

3 Ways To Secure Your Commercial Building After a Fire

4/28/2021 (Permalink)

Board up building Board up services in Surfside, FL.

Keeping Your Business Safe After A Fire

The fire damage to your property may not end once the blaze is extinguished. You need to secure your Surfside, FL, building to prevent additional harm while you wait for the fire cleanup experts to arrive. Here are some ways to keep your premises safe after the fire.

1. Limit Flare-Ups
The firefighters likely took steps to eliminate flare-ups before they left the premises. However, if you or someone in your building put out the fire, you need to make sure the flames are truly gone. Start by spraying the affected area with a fire extinguisher. Continuing doing this until the ashes stop giving off heat and the coals stop glowing.

2. Keep Out Intruders
Criminals may see the fire damage to your building and use that as an excuse to vandalize or burglarize your property. Homeless people may also try to take shelter inside the premises.
To prevent looting and keep away troublemakers, you should board up any windows or doors that have been harmed in the fire. Ideally, you should utilize marine-grade quarter-inch plywood. Attach the wood to the interior of the property. If you put the screws or clamps outside the building, the intruders can just undo them. The wood should stop critters from entering the premises, as well.

3. Prevent Weather Damage
Mother Nature will not spare your property just because it was harmed in a fire. A snow or rain storm could cause even more destruction to a burned building. The water could easily enter an unsecured structure and soak valuable equipment. You should thus tarp over your roof as you board up the doors and windows.
Once it is safe to return to your building after a blaze, you need to prevent flare-ups that could cause further fire damage. You must also secure your property to protect it from vandals and harsh weather. This should mitigate further harm to the property and allow the restoration to occur more quickly.

How To Handle Mold in Your Company's Air Ducts

2/9/2021 (Permalink)

Dust in air duct Dust in air duct

There's a lot to do when you discover black mold in your commercial building. For starters, you want to contain the spread. This can be done by assessing what caused the mold outbreak in the first place. Usually, it involves a past water leak on your property. If you have had a pipe break or a roof leak, it is important to make sure these issues have been addressed. The next step is to contain any spread of the fungus. Both of these issues can be handled by a professional mold remediation franchise in your area. Highly-trained technicians will perform a quick inspection and assessment of your building in Golden Glades, FL.


Black mold and other types of harmful mold spread by way of microscopic spores. These tiny substances can be carried throughout a building by way of air currents and other movements, and they often are found in the HVAC system. Several signs point to mold in your air ducts:

  • The appearance of black dust
  • The presence of musty odors
  • The sudden onset of health effects

An experienced remediation company has the equipment and knowledge to determine if there is mold in the HVAC system.

The Cleaning Process

It is not a simple process to clean ducts of mold. In many cases, the air conditioning unit or the heating system will have to be disassembled so technicians can gain access to the mold. They will then use vacuums and approved cleaning agents to remove the fungus. The job must be completed according to industry standards or the offending organisms might return.
Whenever you notice black mold in your building, it is important to take quick action. The longer you wait, the more serious the problem usually becomes. A professional company can handle complicated problems such as mold in your HVAC system.

4 Steps To Take After a Fire

1/6/2021 (Permalink)

Board up windows and door of a building Board up services in Biscayne Park, FL

Four Steps To Help You Get Back To "Like it never even happened."

A fire of any size in your Biscayne Park, FL, business can be devastating. While dealing with the loss may be overwhelming, taking quick action is essential to getting the fire restoration process going. 

1. File a Claim
It is vital to make a fire insurance claim as soon as possible. The faster you make that call, the sooner an adjuster will come out to inspect the damage and get the process in motion. During the call, it is important to ask the agent questions regarding what can and can’t be done while you wait.

2. Document the Damage
To help ensure a smoother insurance process, take photos and videos of all affected areas. That includes any equipment, documents, personal belongings and structural damage. If possible, locate any receipts for damaged items and retain those for expenses you incur associated with the cleanup. Along with maximizing your claim, it provides needed proof to cover fire restoration costs.

3. Prevent Further Damage
If the fire was large enough, the water needed to put it out means standing water and drenched belongings, as well as potentially broken windows and doors. Most insurance companies require protecting damage from further destruction. That may require tarping or boarding up windows and doors and move water-logged items to a dry, secure location.

4. Call a Restoration Professional
The next step is to contact a fire damage and restoration company. Available 24/7, a certified professional will quickly respond to do make complete an inspection and assessment of your restoration needs. They will also work closely with your insurer to ease the process. Along with tearing out and replacing damaged structural components, they also offer smoke cleaning and other services to salvage as much as possible.
While going through a fire restoration isn’t on anyone’s to-do list, taking immediate action can help your business get back to normal.

What To Do if Your Furnace Floods

12/8/2020 (Permalink)

A burst pipe at the furnace and water tank has caused a leak on the basement floor of a house. Furnace flood in North Miami Beach, FL

What To Do if Your Furnace Floods

A furnace flood presents a serious risk to your North Miami Beach, FL, business. Understanding what to do if this occurs can help you minimize the damage. The following steps outline what to do if your business has a flooded furnace.

1. Disconnect the power. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Whenever flooding occurs, the first step is to cut the power to the affected area. If you cannot do this safely yourself, call an electrician to do it for you.

2. Dry the area. After the power has been disconnected, dry out the area as quickly as possible to prevent mold growth and structural damage. A certified restoration company can help you do this, or you can use pumps or buckets to extract the standing water. Fans and dehumidifiers can dry out the moisture remaining in most porous items.

3. Have the furnace assessed. After all the water is dried, the furnace may look okay. However, most business owners do not have the necessary expertise to examine the unit after a furnace flood and determine if it is safe to use. Your HVAC technician can let you know if it needs to be repaired or replaced. Do not operate the furnace until you have been told that it is safe to do so.

4. Clean air ducts. Lastly, when HVAC systems are affected by flood waters, the air ducts should be professionally cleaned. Mold and bacteria may be growing within the system, and running the unit without proper air duct cleaning can spread the toxins into the air.
Although a furnace flood can be a major nuisance, acting quickly and cautiously can save your business from further damage. Do not be shy about talking to experts after a flood. Only a professional can tell you whether or not the furnace is safe to use and if it will need to be replaced.

Head off Plumbing Difficulties by Using Proper Preventive Practices

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

standing water on carpet in an office building Commercial water damage in North Miami, FL

Plumbing problems have the potential to cause costly, disruptive trouble for any office. The destruction created by a broken pipe can be so intense that restoration from a commercial water damage specialist becomes mandatory. Therefore, building operations managers are urged to assume a proactive stance regarding maintenance.

Plumbing Troubles

When something goes wrong with your water supply infrastructure, you might experience:

  • Clogged drains
  • Faucet complications
  • Overflowing or running toilets
  • Low water pressure

Should one or more of these conditions materialize, check your water main, as that is often a primary source of complications.

Plumbing Trouble Prevention
Before plumbing problems make themselves known, locate someone who can rapidly reach your building in North Miami, FL. Identify a quality fix-it person by examining online reviews and then following up with an introductory phone call or email. Before making your decision, gather as much information as necessary until you feel entirely confident. Another tactic is to send out feelers for personal recommendations. Endorsements from individuals whose judgment you trust are a significant boost to one’s comfort level. Most importantly, check that any prospect already possesses knowledge regarding or direct experience with your specific system.
Regular maintenance is critical to sustaining smooth operation. As soon as you select a service professional, have every joint and fitting assessed, even if no signs of concern have surfaced. Carefully consider any suggested upgrades, as the cost of improvements could be far lower than that of extensive corrections.
If the cost of your water bill begins steadily climbing for no discernable reason, it may be an indicator of a worsening leak. Immediately have an analysis performed so you can quickly identify and remedy any mushrooming concerns.
Keep plumbing problems in check by having a repair specialist on speed dial and knowing how to identify complications before they become serious. These measures are likely to save you significant hassle and money down the line.

3 Important Tips for Keeping Your Employees and Business Safe From Fires

10/1/2020 (Permalink)

Building with smoke coming out from it. The potential for fires should be taken seriously, and fire prevention and fire emergency tactics taught and employed.

Fires are lethal forces that wreak havoc on property and human lives. They can gut buildings in hours and snuff out memories and dreams in even less time. If you are a business owner, it is important for you to take certain precautions to guard against fire. Fire prevention strategies and a fire emergency plan are necessary from you to take precautions. Here are three tips to help protect your employees and business in North Miami, FL from the ravages of fire.

1. Have the Right Equipment

Part of fire prevention is making sure you have the appropriate equipment to deal with a business fire. You should make sure you have the following up-to-date, working equipment in easily accessible locations:

-Fire extinguishers
-Smoke alarms
-Carbon monoxide alarms

2. Plan

Another step every business owner should take is to plan in advance. You should have a fire emergency plan in place. This plan should be communicated in depth to all employees. Running regular practice drills is another way to prepare for a fire emergency. Escape exits should be clearly labeled and their locations made known to employees. Fire training is also a must. You should also prepare for the worst by investing in a fire insurance policy and having a professional restoration company in mind to deal with any fire damage that may occur in the future.

3. Watch Fire Hazards

Business owners should also keep an eye on potential fire hazards like appliance cords, flammables, combustible materials and equipment. It is important to properly maintain and fix malfunctioning equipment that may spark fires. Keeping dangerous materials stored in safe locations is also necessary.

Fires are not a joke or some distant, vague possibility that will probably never happen. Fires wreck livelihoods and can even take lives away. The potential for fires should be taken seriously, and fire prevention and fire emergency tactics taught and employed.

4 Actions to Take When a Flood Affects Your Furnace

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

A burst pipe at the furnace and water tank has caused a leak on the basement floor of a house. A furnace flood can devastate your system and your business

As a business operator in North Miami Beach, FL, you are likely aware of the importance of maintaining your systems, from electricity to water. However, when a plumbing issue occurs, such as a broken pipe, it can cause damage to your furnace, one of the most vital systems. A furnace flood can have a powerful effect on your establishment, so it is important to respond step-by-step.

1. Isolate and Power Down Unit

A flooded furnace is potentially dangerous to yourself and other employers, especially if the unit runs on electricity. The first step you should take is close access to the flooded area, keeping anyone else safe. Do not attempt to control the unit, as you could also harm yourself. If possible, shut down the electric power or the gas, which will significantly reduce the danger.

2. Repair and Restore

Once the area is secure, contact emergency restoration services to deal with the situation. These professionals will have the appropriate equipment to drain the furnace flood, completely dry the area, and restore the equipment and the building as much as possible. They can ensure no secondary damage occurs afterward.

3. Assess the Situation

Now that the area is accessible, you will likely need to inspect the affected furnace. As the business owner, you might have to decide on whether to replace or repair the system's components, including filters, valves, and controls. Some parts could be repaired, while others might benefit the overall furnace with a complete replacement.

4. Clean the Air Ducts

The water and humidity introduced to the furnace might encourage mold and mildew growth within the air ducts. If you turn on the furnace without removing it, it can spread these organisms throughout the location. A proper air duct cleaning can prevent this.

A furnace flood can devastate your system and your business if you do not take prompt action. Secure the area, call for help, and clear the air ducts to restore the system and protect your business.

5 Steps a Business Can Take for Storm Preparation

9/23/2020 (Permalink)

Man Cleaning a rain gutter in Close up One way to help avoid flood damage to regularly clean out the building’s gutters

Storm Preparation

Preventing flooding in your Surfside, FL, can be an important aspect of protecting your company assets. Part of this can include preparing for a storm before it strikes. Here are five steps you may wish to consider.

1. Clean Out Gutters
One way to help avoid flood damage to regularly clean out the building’s gutters. A blocked gutter can create water overflow which can back up into the building. This can damage the roof and any supporting walls, or rooms below.

2. Maintain Drainage
Another important step to protecting your business property is to keep any drainage systems maintained. This could mean keeping ditches clear of bushes and other debris, or ensuring that drains have not become blocked. Blocked drainage can lead to overflow and flooding.

3. Install a Sump Pump
Many professionals recommend the installation of a sump pump to help prevent flooding. These devices are installed in areas where it’s common for storm water to get into, such as a basement, and can help remove the water from the space before it causes long term damage.

4. Choose a Professional
You may also want to choose a local storm damage restoration service and keep their information on hand. These professionals can deal with a variety of storm caused problems, including cleaning up black water.

5. Watch the Weather
Perhaps one of the easiest steps to take is to keep an eye on the weather. This will allow you to know when a storm is coming, and to take proper precautionary steps ahead of time.
Preparing for a storm ahead of time may help you prevent flooding on your company property. Remember to keep your gutters and drainage systems clear of debris, consider installing a sump pump, and know who to call if the business property does experience damage. You may also want to keep an eye on any approaching weather.

3 Things To Know About Smoke Damage in Your Building

4/22/2020 (Permalink)

Outside of a building damaged by smoke after a fire with the phrase In need of a cleaning Smoke damage in a North Miami Beach, FL building

Here Are the Answers to Three Commonly Asked Questions

After a fire at your North Miami Beach, FL, place of business, it’s not uncommon to find that smoke damage has occurred. There are several things you may wish to know about this type of damage, including if its presence is to be expected, and how it may be removed. Here are the answers to three commonly asked questions.

1. It’s Normal After a Fire

It’s not usual to have smoke or soot damage result from a fire. These are natural by-products of flames and heat. Fortunately, many restoration services have the tools and training to deal with these types of damage as well. You may also like to know that both smoke and soot can be removed from affected office items which should be able to be restored.

2. It May Have an Odor

In many cases, smoke damage can have an odor that comes with it. This scent may linger on affected materials and in the air. The restoration team working on the property may have special cleaners to help get rid of this odor. They may also be able to use a ozone machine, or similar device, to remove the scent from the air.

3. A Restoration Crew Can Help

Any smoke cleaning and repairs of the damage should be handled by a local fire damage restoration crew. These professionals can help identify which materials need to be replaced as well as what can be restored. They can even help with item cleaning, which included paper documentation and electronic devices such as computers. Also, ask the team working on your business property about odor removal.

Remember, it’s normal to expect smoke damage after a business fire and the scent of fire and smoke can linger. Fortunately, a local restoration service can help clean, make repairs, and even remove these odors. If you have any questions about your restoration needs these professionals should be able to help.

How Good Is Your Commercial Insurance for Mold?

1/7/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on white surface Mold growth in Golden Glades, FL

As a property manager or a business owner in Golden Glades, FL, there's no shortage of things to keep you awake at night. You might wonder what forms you haven't filled out, or what the next surprise will be. When it comes to your commercial insurance, you might wonder if there is a scenario out there that you need more robust coverage. What about an outbreak of mold in the dark and damp corners of your business? Could that be a problem? Well, just like a lot of things in life, it all depends. In general, though, so long as you have not been woefully, negligent, your commercial policy provides some basic protections against mold damage.

The Basics of Commercial Insurance for Mold

Insurances policies are complicated documents, so it is always best to go over your policy with your agent for final clarification. In general mold insurance covers these instances for a commercial property:

  • Most policies provide for a limited fungus coverage
  • The coverage pays for loss or damage caused by fungus or dry rot and bacteria
  • The cause of the mold damage must be from a specified cause such as water damage or leaking fire-fighting equipment

Once the mold has been discovered, action must be taken immediately by your company. Failure to respond prudently with mold mitigation measures can result in a forfeiture of your mold insurance coverage.

The Basics of Mold Cleanup

Once mold is found in your building, it's smart to deal with a professional mold remediation company in Golden Glades, FL. The experts will come to the scene quickly and begin the process of mold containment and a full cleanup. The mitigation company will help you work with the commercial insurance agent by providing a detailed list of services and repairs. In general, mold policies limit coverage to a specified dollar amount. This could be for multiple incidents, but the total payout would not exceed $15,000 a year.

Commercial Services Provided by SERVPRO

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning and restoring commercial properties requires a blend of proper training, experience, and equipment. SERVPRO® of North Miami has the resources and expertise to give you excellent results, providing an immediate and efficient work process, while minimizing the disruption to your clients. We can help make it "Like it never even happened."

  • Small Office Buildings
  • Large/High-Rise Office Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Small Retail Stores
  • Large Retail/Big-box Stores
  • High-rise Residential Buildings
  • Manufacturing & Industrial Facilities
  • Government/Military Buildings
  • Churches/Public Buildings

All commercial work performed by SERVPRO® of North Miami is acknowledged to have high status. Our franchise understands the importance of maintaining a business' name away from being besmirched. As we share the same belief; being one of many franchises that share the name of SERVPRO®.

PTSD from Thunderstorms and Lightning in Miami

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Thunder and lightning can cause more than storm damage to your home or business.

PTSD and Thunderstorms & Lightning in Miami

Almost 7% of people in the U.S. have suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

People who have PTSD may experience panic during thunderstorms. Thunderstorms and lightning can set off  a person’s alarm bells.

SERVPRO of North Miami offers these guides to Coping with PTSD During Storms:

The best strategy is to be prepared.

  • Take care of your emotional health. See a therapist. Learn relaxation exercises. When you feel anxious, you can relax yourself
  • Know when a thunderstorm is likely. Plan what you will do during a thunderstorm
  • Take care of your physical health. Eat a healthy diet. Get enough sleep. Do not rely on alcohol or other drugs. Do not smoke or chew tobacco

During a Thunderstorm in Miami

  • Slow down your breathing
  • Look around. Notice where you are. Notice that you are in a safe place
  • Distract yourself from the storm. Wear headphones and listen to music. Sit in a pop-up tent
  • Talk with someone you trust


Storm Damage and Mold in Surfside

6/14/2019 (Permalink)

Mold grows out of tiny spores. Spores are tough enough to survive indoors or outdoors in harsh conditions. Spores can survive for years. Scientists have found ancient mold spores that could grow into mold.

Standing water and moisture can lead to mold growing in your home or office. Mold does not need visible water to grow. Humidity inside the business is enough. Small amounts of water vapor can help mold grow.

SERVPRO of North Miami knows that storm or flood damage can allow the mold spores to open up. Any dampness can lead to mold.

SERVPRO of North Miami can remediate mold that grows on:

  • Wood
  • Paper
  • Carpet
  • Insulation
  • Drywall
  • Crawl spaces
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Anywhere in your home or business

To treat mold correctly, it is critically important to first stop the source of moisture. SERVPRO of North Miami can clean and repair the damage caused by mold in your home or business. More important, SERVPRO of North Miami has a specialty in mold remediation.


Tips For Commercial Flooding in Miami Shores

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial property flooding is a real bummer—especially if you haven’t prepared the structures on it for when water does happen. Whether you are a business owner leasing the property or the property owner maintaining your interests; in order to reign in the uncertainty of disaster, preemption is key. You must have a plan already in place to implement the moment you are aware that disaster is imminent. Some steps to take to make sure you’re ahead of the game might include:

  • Maintain a back up location out of which to work and/or store and ship goods.
  • Have a written plan for flood evacuation.
  • Have evacuation drills.
  • Have a clearly understood emergency chain of command.
  • Keep exits clear of equipment/material/personnel.
  • Never have more than the permitted number of persons in the structure at any one time.
  • Keep track of the weather regularly.

If you need some help with this, give us a call to setup a free consultation for our SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile®.

Commercial Property Post Fire Cleanup in Bal Harbour

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Whether a fire has left behind the repulsive odors and stains of soot and smoke on and in the goods stored in your warehouse, or the water used to put out the blaze has caused major damage to the flooring in your office; it’s in your best interest to get the cleanup and restoration of your commercial property done as soon as possible. Waiting for any length of time for your business to resume normal operations is unacceptable and unaffordable. Your livelihood is as important to us as it is to you. We, at SERVPRO of North Miami, have seen our fair share of fire and water damage and we know what it takes to get you back to the way it was before disaster struck—“Like it never even happened."

Preparing Your Business for the Holiday Season

12/7/2018 (Permalink)

No matter how your store operates, there are inevitably extra measures that should be taken during the holiday season.

The holiday season is a busy time of year for businesses of all kinds. From busier days to longer nights, those organizations who fail to properly plan for the November and December rush may face some major problems. With holiday cheer and holiday decorations comes higher foot traffic in stores, more cars on the roads, and bigger risks within the walls of small businesses throughout South Florida.

Keeping holiday spirits up means setting up your employees to succeed and making sure your customers are treated right. Keep the following tips in mind while preparing your business for the holiday season:

  • Consider hiring seasonal employees to handle the rush
  • Create a detailed calendar that goes over important dates for your staff
  • Re-train the staff on ways to handle more customers and longer hours
  • Implement a security system that handles both potential outside threats as well as employee theft
  • Maintain a safe workplace environment by choosing smart decorations
  • Plan carefully to ensure adequate inventory

No matter how your store operates, there are inevitably extra measures that should be taken during the holiday season. Be sure to keep safety at the forefront of your planning and happy holidays!

Minimizing Safety Hazards in the Workplace

8/26/2018 (Permalink)

The following are some important tasks in the effort to minimize safety hazards in the workplace.

Protecting both your workers and your customers from workplace injuries is extremely important. Employers are tasked with the responsibility to create a safe environment for anyone stepping foot on their commercial property, and this can seem like an overwhelmingly daunting and stressful duty. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), over 4,000 workers in the United States were killed on the job in 2014. The construction industry leads the pack in terms of the most workplace fatalities. However, workplace injuries are far more common and are the focus of our article today.

The ability to minimize safety risks in the workplace while educating the staff about their possible risks is imperative to keeping everyone as safe as possible. Both routine plans and emergency plans should be set in stone and communicated to the entire workforce. The following are some important tasks in the effort to minimize safety hazards in the workplace:

  • Clearly communicate all safety and health policies to entire staff
  • Pay special attention to things like slippery flooring and poor lighting, as slip and fall accidents account for about one-third of all workplace injuries
  • Survey the entire property to identify any and all possible risks
  • Prominently display safety information throughout the property
  • Be aware of fire safety standards
  • Keep the property clean at all times
  • Encourage feedback from staff and customers regarding safety improvements
  • Update safety policies and procedures at least once per year

While some industries are known to be “dangerous” and procedures are in place accordingly, other industries that are deemed “safe” may fall through the cracks and not be prepared for workplace accidents. Whether you are an employer or an employee, it is important to take an active role in ensuring that proper workplace safety measures are taken and enforced at all times.

Tips for Business Owners to Reduce Liability Claims

5/29/2018 (Permalink)

Being aware of the possibility of a liability claim is the first step in being proactive to prevent this from happening.

General liability insurance claims are those that typically come from either your customers or your vendors. As a small business owner, the ability to reduce the risk of these potential lawsuits is imperative for keeping your business running smoothly. One of the most common claims comes from slip and fall accidents. In these situations, a customer is walking through your store when they fall on the wet floor, causing injury or damages. In this scenario, the business is often held responsible for the accident and will therefore be liable for any type of injury or any damage that the fall caused. Being aware of the possibility of a liability claim is the first step in being proactive to prevent this from happening.

While there are certainly things out of the hands of a business owner, preemptive measures can absolutely be taken to reduce the likelihood of something like that occurring. Keep the following tips in mind to reduce liability claims in your business:

  • Be sure to keep the store well-lit so that customers can see where they are walking. We also advise that you conduct emergency lighting system checks each month.
  • Keep floors and carpeting as clean as possible. Place signage in areas that could be deemed a potential walking hazard.
  • Install handrails on any stairways in the building.
  • When a spill occurs, place an employee near the spill to warn customers until the spill is properly cleaned.
  • Keep the bathrooms extremely tidy.
  • Check the outside walkways near your store and look for any potential hazards.
  • Keep trash and any other clutter away from the areas where customers walk.
  • Be aware of condensation drips from things like air conditioners and refrigerators.
  • Avoid the use of extension cords and other dangerous items in areas where foot traffic is heavy.

General liability insurance is crucial for business owners. However, it is important to continually make improvements to keep your store as safe as possible for all of your patrons. If you are in search of a reliable, professional commercial restoration and cleaning service, contact SERVPRO at your earliest convenience!

Keeping Your Business Protected in Storms

3/21/2018 (Permalink)

With heavy rains and high winds, it is important to prepare. Commercial water damage can be stressful, but SERVPRO is here to help!

While we just welcomed the spring season, South Florida residents know that the rains are about to come. From the spring to the summer months, our region of the state is often deals with afternoon showers on a daily basis. Protecting your commercial property form severe storms is critical for business owners of all kinds. Last year, Hurricane Irma was a reminder of just how serious Florida storms can be. When a big storm is approaching, the best strategy for business owners is to be proactive it preparedness in order to protect your employees, your property, and your business as a whole.

Minimizing damage is essential for your business in the event of a major rainstorm. Things like high winds and heavy rain can do a lot more damage than many would think. As such, it is important to take careful note of the following tips for keeping your business protected in storms:

  • Remain watchful of storm forecasts to give yourself plenty of time to prepare
  • Make sure that your employees all have specific action plans in place
  • Keep your staff contact list updated and readily available
  • Check your utilities to make sure that your lines are not connected
  • Ensure that your landscaping is trimmed and prepared for storm winds
  • Unclog your gutters
  • Double check your fire protection equipment
  • Remove any potential debris from the commercial property
  • Give your staff ample time to leave and prepare their own homes

With heavy rains and high winds, it is important to prepare sooner rather than later. Commercial water damage can be stressful, but SERVPRO is here to make sure that you can go back to business as usual as soon as possible following a large storm. Our team of commercial property damage professionals will take care of your property like it’s our own! Call us today to learn more!

Always here to help

3/2/2018 (Permalink)

A trusted leader in the industry with over 1,700 franchises, when tragedy strikes SERVPRO® is always here to help. 

SERVPRO® of North Miami has been serving the community since 1991. We are dedicated to helping our customers when disaster strikes and the need arises for professional cleaning or emergency restoration service. Helping to make it “Like it never even happened.” we are ready 24/7, 365 days of the year, at (954) 921- 8992. We are certified mold assessors, remediators, and contractor. 

Our crews are readily available to assist in any size disaster, whether it is a water, mold, or fire damage. We also provide, duct cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, and general cleaning for your home and business.  

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Be prepared with a SERVPRO Emergency Ready Plan

3/1/2018 (Permalink)

Whether it is for a home or business, it is important to always be prepared for a fire or water damage emergency.

SERVPRO has set in place an app called "The SERVPRO Emergency Ready Profile." Which you create to condense all necessary information within one easy to access plan both you and we can view and follow. No time needs to be lost in those critical minutes and hours after the firefighters leave the premises when your ERP is current. We assess your apartment complex prior to any disaster at no cost, helping you identify the things that will be most important to get you and your tenants back into the building, safe and healthy. Everything from identifying key personnel within your business to authorize work up to where shut off valves are located to be readily available to our commercial restoration technicians so we can move forward with no hesitation or delay in beginning the restoration process. 

Common Causes of Hotel Water Damage

2/22/2018 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO, we are dedicated to providing expert commercial building restoration services for hotel water damages of all kinds.

Maintaining a hotel property is an important, yet often daunting task. From keeping guests happy to keeping all of the day-to-day functions of the hotel operating smoothly, running a hotel efficiently is imperative to keeping business afloat and successful. When it comes to the upkeep of a hotel property, water damage is one of the most challenging issues to overcome. With thousands of people coming in and out of a hotel and using its amenities, even the slightest of water damage can become a huge setback. Issues like flooring damage and electrical wiring damage can be costly in a variety of ways.

Not only does the hotel need to handle the costs of water damage restoration, but they must also deal with the potential lost income of closing down or reducing the number of available rooms during the repairs. In addition to dealing with damages to the actual hotel, hotel staff must also consider the issue of damaged personal belongings of their guests. Keep in mind the following common causes of water damage in hotels:

  • Overflowing bathtub or bathroom sink
  • Toilet leaks
  • AC unit overflow
  • Water heater leaks
  • Broken shower drain
  • Sewer line back ups

The consequences of hotel water damage are far-reaching, especially when not handled immediately. Something that may start as a simple carpet repair can turn into ceiling damage below, electrical wiring issues, mold growth and more. As such, hiring a trustworthy, professional hotel water damage repair and restoration team is imperative. At SERVPRO, we are dedicated to providing expert commercial building restoration services for hotel water damages of all kinds. Contact our hotel water damage recovery team today to learn more!

Restaurant Water Damage in South Florida

2/10/2018 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO, our team of water damage experts specialize in cleaning up and restoring water damage in restaurants.

Water damage of any capacity is a struggle for commercial property owners of all kinds. From structural damage to lost profits and from damaged products to added stress, being a business owner in South Florida means paying attention to the potential of water damage from heavy rains, storms, or a variety of natural disasters. Restaurant owners must be particularly aware of this potential threat to their business for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, restaurants use a lot of water, especially compared to other businesses. Secondly, restaurants serve food and therefore must be hyperaware of the quality of their food inventory. Finally, the health codes, safety procedures, and sanitary standards of a restaurant are closely monitored and a water damage issue can mean shutting down the business for days or weeks at a time.

The consequences of water damage in a restaurant are far-reaching and the costs associated with renovation could be sizable, depending on the exact severity of the water damage incurred. From sanitation concerns to fiscal worries, restaurant owners should be proactive in preventing water damage from occurring in the first place. Unfortunately, however, some restaurant water damage is unavoidable. A few of the most common causes of water damage in restaurants include:

  • Cracked, leaking, or bursting water mains
  • Restaurant sprinkler systems
  • Flooding from heavy storms or hurricanes
  • Water overflows in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Clogged drains in the kitchen or bathroom

No matter what the cause of the restaurant water damage may be, tackling the problem immediately is essential. From mold growth to structural damage, hiring a professional commercial water damage company is vital to removing water and saving both time and money. At SERVPRO, our team of water damage experts specialize in cleaning up and restoring water damage in restaurants. Reopening a restaurant after water damage depends largely on the quality of the restoration and our team is dedicated to providing the expertise and professionalism that it takes to get a restaurant back up and running in no time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help!

Keeping Your Commercial Property Safe This Holiday Season

12/6/2017 (Permalink)

Taking extra precautions this season will help to ease your mind, keep your employees safe, and ensure that you have a happy, stress-free holiday.

December is the time of year for holiday cheer, friends, family, and wonderful social gatherings. Unfortunately, this season also marks a time for potential safety issues in commercial buildings of all kinds. Criminal activity often spikes during the holiday months and this can mean anything from property damage to fraudulent acts. While it is important to keep your office or retail space safe the entire year, taking extra precautions this season will help to ease your mind, keep your employees safe, and ensure that you have a happy, stress-free holiday.

There is nothing quite like feeling of peace of mind when you lock up your commercial space every night. Business owners have enough to worry about on a daily basis. As such, the safety and security of their property should be one thing you can check off of your list. Keep the following tips in mind in order ensure that your commercial property is safe this holiday season:

  • Invest in a great alarm system
  • Install security cameras
  • Integrate your security system with your phone or tablet to keep an eye on the building at all times
  • Purchase high-security locks
  • Make sure that all of your employees are well-versed on the protocols associated with closing down the store each night
  • Take regular inventory of your property
  • Make sure the property is well lit
  • Keep a minimum amount of cash in your commercial space
  • Post signage to inform the public of the security measures that you are taking

As a business owner, your commercial property is almost as important as your residential property. Therefore, it is important to be on high-alert this holiday season to ensure that you are keeping your business and your staff as safe as possible. Once you have a safety plan ironed out, it’s time to consider your storefront’s exterior and interior look. Your commercial property’s appearance speaks volumes to your clients. So, when the need arises for professional cleaning or emergency restoration services, SERVPRO of North Miami has the training and expertise to help make it “Like it never even happened.”

Commercial Building Automation Market - Global Industry, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 - 2024

4/3/2017 (Permalink)

One of the major factors driving the market for commercial building automation is increasing demand from key end user such as retail, healthcare, offices and hospitality sector among others. According to UNEP (United Nations Environment Program), buildings contribute to about one third of the total greenhouse gas emissions, mainly due to the usage of fossil fuels. In addition, a slow but gradual evolution of IoT sensors based technology has resulted in the emergence of solutions which are significantly more intelligent and have the ability to analyze granular aspects of buildings such as space utilization, gauging occupant's comfort levels and similar derive business intelligence.

Global Commercial Building Automation Market: Segmentation

Power supply, interfacing components, room automation, HVAC systems, security & surveillance, illumination & light sensors and others sectors are the various product types of the commercial building automation market. The power supply market is further segmented into UPS, battery modules and others. The interfacing components is further sub segmented into router, couplers and others. The room automation is further being sub segmented into I/O module, actuators & actuators module, controllers and others. Based on the various product types of commercial building automation, the HVAC systems segment constituted the biggest market share, followed by the security and surveillance segment, in 2015. Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) System is a technology used in building automation for vehicular and indoor environmental comfort. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) are largely served in offices, healthcare, retail and hospitality sector among others, therefore, it holds the largest market among all the segments in the commercial building automation market.

By type of material, the market is divided into lighting control and regulation, interfacing and inter-working with other building systems, blind and shutter control , temperature control and regulation, energy and load management, security and fault monitoring, visualization & remote control and monitoring, reporting, display. In 2015, based on material types, the temperature control and regulation segment held the largest market share followed by the lighting control and regulation segment.

The commercial building automation market has been segmented on the basis of end use into offices, retail, hospitality sector, healthcare and others. The retail segment constituted the largest market share, followed by the offices segment, in 2015. The major reason for this growth is attributed to the ability of commercial building automation to raise profit by reducing energy and operating costs in retail shops. In addition, adoption of building automation in retail stores makes life easier. It not only smoothens the management of the retail store regulating system, such as temperature and light, but also provides a host of other services such as video surveillance, HVAC services, easier energy management, and efficient security system.

Moreover, the use of building automation in retail shops represented the largest market share in the global commercial building automation market in 2015. This is primarily due to an increase in the use of building automation in enclosed malls and individual shops. Commercial building automation in retail stores has a number of uses, such as providing security to the owner of parked cars, to conserve energy and offering a great ambience.

By geography, the commercial building automation market has been broken down into four regions namely North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Rest of the World (RoW). Presently, North America held the major share of the market, followed by Europe, Asia Pacific and Rest of the World (RoW).

Global Commercial Building Automation Market: Key Trends

Government initiatives for constructing green buildings and rise in green building construction by several different companies are the major factors driving the market for commercial building automation market during the forecast period of 2016 – 2024. Green buildings are constructed using recycled waste resources from construction sites. Increased demand for green building materials has been observed in the residential buildings and office & commercial buildings segments. The other factors driving the market for commercial building automation market is increasing awareness about the advantages of green building which in turn boosting the commercial building automation market during the forecast period of 2016 – 2024.

Global Commercial Building Automation Market: Key players mentioned in the report

Key players profiled in this report include ABB Ltd. (Switzerland), Cisco Systems Inc. (United States), Honeywell International Inc. (United States), Hubbell Inc. (United States), Ingersoll Rand Plc. (Ireland), Johnson Controls International plc. (United States), Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany), Schneider Electric SE (France), United Technologies Corp. (United States) and Siemens AG (Germany).

The segments covered in the Commercial building automation market are as follows:

Global Commercial Building Automation Market: By Product Type

Power Supply
Battery Modules
Interfacing Components
Room Automation
I/O Module
Actuators & Actuators Module
HVAC Systems
Security and Surveillance
Illumination and Light Sensors

Global Commercial Building Automation Market: By Material Type

Lighting Control and Regulation
Interfacing and Inter-working with other Building Systems
Blind and Shutter Control
Temperature Control and Regulation
Energy and Load Management
Security and Fault Monitoring
Visualization and Remote Control
Monitoring, Reporting, Display

Global Commercial Building Automation Market: By End Use Type

Hospitality Sector

Global Commercial Building Automation Market: By Geography

North America
Rest of Europe
Asia Pacific
Rest of Asia Pacific
Rest of the World (RoW)
Middle East
Latin America

Download the full report:

Post-Construction Cleanup Ensures a Spic-and-Span Environment for Your New Building

10/12/2016 (Permalink)

Your new building or remodeling is finally complete, after months and months of planning and construction. So you’re all ready to move in, right?

Not so fast! Good contractors clean up their supplies and tools, dispose of the trash and remnants of their materials and get your new space to a point where it’s considered “move-in ready.” But that doesn’t mean it’s ready for people to sit down and work. You need one last thing before opening the doors: a post-construction cleanup.

When a construction team leaves a site they also leave behind things not always noticeable (but sometimes very noticeable), like dust, grit, wood particles, window film and other dirt that needs to be cleaned before you invite employees into the space.

Giving your new area a thorough once-over will not only make everything clean, but it will make employees feel even better about their new digs. When Jack’s Maintenance performs a post-construction cleanup, we take care of these and other areas, some of which you might not expect to gather dust and grime (but that certainly do!):

Inside cabinets and desks. Much of the drywall dust and sawdust will end up in these spots, so we vacuum or wipe until it’s gone
Ceiling tiles, vent covers and exposed pipes. Another spot where dust lands and recirculates through the air – not ideal, especially for people with allergies or respiratory problems
Furniture surfaces, frames and padding. New or old, your furniture will attract and hold dust and grime, particularly the padding. We wipe and/or vacuum ‘til it shines! Some of these items will have adhesive labels affixed to them, and a good post-construction cleanup will involve using the right products to remove them safely
Light fixtures. Ceiling fixtures and desk lamps both attract dust, which can reduce the efficiency of the bulbs. We use the right techniques to remove anything left behind by the contractor
Carpet and flooring. This is usually the last spot we clean when we do post-construction cleanups because it’s the dirtiest by far! All the traffic, dust and dirt lands here, so we take special care to get them in top shape
Stairwells. Railings and steps tend to get lots of use even during construction, so we get every nook and cranny prior to you occupying the building
Elevators, interior and exterior. This over over-looked spot gets plenty of foot traffic and fingerprints, so we wipe it all down until it’s sparkling clean
Walls. Believe it or not, walls hold on to dust, and certain wall textures hold on to it better than others. We’ll wipe or dust the walls to remove any drywall dust that’s hanging on
Windows. Windows grab on to particles in the air and will eventually look filmy. We focus on the window itself and the sills and tracks, where the “real” dirt is
Post-construction cleaning leaves a place smelling fresh, looking “shiny new,” and prevents all of that dust and grime from dulling the finishes and eroding the appearance of your new space. If you’re in the process of remodeling or building a new facility, don’t forget the critical last step of getting it cleaned and ready for work!

Commercial Cleaning on a Budget

10/12/2016 (Permalink)

Whether you are a large company or a one-man business Commercial Cleaning is something you cannot ignore. For big business not having a clean environment for your staff to work in is one of the worst economies you can make. A dirty work area is bad for moral, wastes valuable work time and can be detrimental to the health of your staff.
As a worker if you work in a dirty environment there is only so much you can take, so after a while you have to stop your paid work to clean up. Emptying bins, washing cups or just generally dusting machinery and work surfaces, has to be done sometimes. No one enjoys picking up a dirty phone or dialling on a grease covered keypad. These are the sort of things that build up when proper cleaning services are not used. As a worker it distracts you from what you are paid to do and as a boss, why are you paying trained or qualified staff to empty bins? If you are the boss cleaning your own work space, then this is an unproductive waste of your time.

When you are on a tight budget as everyone is nowadays, cleaning may seem to be a big outlay for no return, but the actual return you gain is more productivity from your staff, more focussed work and direct action. Everyone needs to drink liquids through the day, so eventually the cups have to be washed and someone has to do it. So what you need to consider is exactly what you need cleaners to do. This may seem obvious but when you start to look at cleaning companies in the area you start to realise not every corporate cleaning company is the same.

First what needs doing to keep your offices clean and tidy? Do the bins need emptying daily or twice weekly? Do you need the carpet hoovering and the floor moped in the kitchens or dining areas, and how often? Who washes the mugs, or do you use vending machine cups and if so does this cause a need for more bins to be emptied. Do your kitchens stay fairly clean or do people leave them in a mess? If they are in a mess they can definitely be a health hazard if not cleaned daily. The toilets are another area that really need cleaning daily in a big company. This is an area that should not be left to chance and if you are a really big company or in the food business then more than once a day may be necessary.


How the right Commercial Cleaning Company Can Increase your Sales

10/12/2016 (Permalink)

As studies show that a clean workplace can improve moral and increase productivity of the workers, it is important to know that your workplace is as effective as it can be in this regard. An office can seem to be busing along at full efficiency on the surface, people are sat nose to the grindstone working hard and “getting on with it”, but is that actually what is going on or is this image just what is expected?
If people are not happy in their workplace they often hunker down and look very busy, but the truth may be totally different. If the person who is hunkered down is suffering from low morale, feeling unappreciated and does not want to be there, how would you tell and would it really matter if they are getting on with their job? Well actually yes it does matter, it matters a lot.

You see someone who is feeling like that is working hard but they are not being as productive as they could be. Their mind is distracted. They would rather be somewhere else, anywhere else but here, and that is ticking along in the back of their mind. They are robotically carrying out procedures and completing tasks but there is no flair, no imagination and most importantly no incentive. To be honest they do not really care whether what they do is constructive or not. You see people who have to work in a dirty environment feel that the bosses do not care. They feel like numbers not people and as such they have no real loyalty to the business or drive to excel.

If this was true of your sales office you would not be making many sales. Sales people need to have energy and drive, they need to have a desire to pull in the customers and to seal that deal. They can only do this in a clean fresh environment. Even if they come in first thing in the morning all rearing to go, a dirty environment will gradually bring them down. Not even consciously, but by mid-morning or lunch time they will be feeling deflated as they look for things behind and around yesterday’s dirty mugs, or paper cups that will not fit in the recycling bin.

So it is very important that your employees have a clean workplace, clean toilets and clean rest areas and kitchens. This will not only improve their moral, lift their energy and make them feel pleased to work here, it will also keep germs at bay so that people are working in a much healthier environment and this will show by less absenteeism.

Having seen the detriment, it can do to a business to not have a clean and healthy workplace. Then it makes so much sense to have a good cleaning regime. If you think your cleaning regime is not doing the job, then we are happy to talk to you about what could be done to improve the working environment of your staff.