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5 Things To Know About Mold

9/3/2021 (Permalink)

Five Common Asked Questions About Mold

There are a few things you may want to understand about mold and how it may end up growing in your North Miami Beach, FL, business. From black mold to mold remediation, here are the answers to five commonly asked questions about this pesky problem.

1. Mold is a Fungus

The first thing to know is that mold is a fungus. This means it grows by absorbing organic material and then creating spores to spread throughout the space.

2. There are Many Types of Mold

There are many types of mold, so it's important to contact a professional for help if mold is found. These types can range from bread mold to black mold, and it may vary in appearance looking either fuzzy or slimy depending on its type and location. Coloration can vary between white, yellow, brown, gray, green, and black.

3. Mold Likes Wet Environments

All molds grow best in dark and damp environments. This means it's common to find mold in areas that have experienced water damage and then been left unattended. A professional should be able to determine exactly what type of mold they are dealing with and know the appropriate cleaning method.

4. Mold May Be Unseen

Mold spores are small, which means they may be unable to be detected by the naked eye. Fortunately, your local restoration service should have several tests they can perform in order to determine if mold is present in the area.

5. Mold Can Be Removed

It's important to know that what the health of a local mold remediation professional mold can be removed from the business property. Mold cleanup may require several stages which include containing the area and thoroughly sanitizing space with special cleaners.

It's important to understand that all molds, including black mold, are fungi. This means that there can be a variety of mole times, but they all grow best in dark and damp environments. Because mold grows through sporing it may be unseen until it forms a colony. Fortunately, your local mold remediation professional can perform a test to determine if mold is present and then remove it from your company property.


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