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How To Properly Maintain Your Commercial Irrigation System

1/28/2020 (Permalink)

watering lawn with sprinklers Maintaining your irrigation system is a crucial part of your job

Basic Irrigation Maintenance

Having a properly maintained irrigation system is essential to the well-being of your commercial property. By relying on this technology to water your lawn and plants, you can save a significant amount of time while enhancing the appearance of your business’s exterior. To consistently keep your North Miami Beach, FL, property in top condition, it’s crucial to maintain your irrigation system properly. Here are some basic irrigation maintenance guidelines that can help you preserve the appearance of your commercial property.

Schedule Regular Inspections

To confirm that everything is in working order, be sure to schedule a regular checkup with your landscape company. During scheduled maintenance, your landscaper can inspect any of the following areas:

  • Sprinkler heads
  • Valves
  • Nozzles
  • Pipes

In addition to examining these parts, a professional may give your irrigation system a good cleaning to keep it in proper shape. Remember to schedule these inspections at least twice a year to ensure that there are no leaks or other issues that may lead to sprinkler flooding.

Use in Moderation

To ensure that your irrigation system is at its best, always use it in moderation. Save your sprinklers for dry days only and don’t let them run all day long. Instead, try to set your irrigation timers to go off in the early morning, preferably between 4 a.m. and 10 a.m. Not only can this irrigation maintenance strategy ensure that you don’t get your customers wet, but it also allows the water to reach down to your grass’s roots without being affected by intense sunshine or high winds.

Perform a Plant Audit

Be sure to give your plants the right amount of attention when running your sprinklers. Newer plants need more nourishment than older plants, so adjust your irrigation timers accordingly. This ensures that your plants aren’t overwatered and keeps sprinkler flooding at bay.
Maintaining your irrigation system is a crucial part of your job. However, if your sprinkler system causes any water damage despite your best irrigation maintenance efforts, be sure to call commercial building restoration services to bring your business back to normal.

How Disaster Cleanup Teams Help With the Claims Process

1/22/2020 (Permalink)

Electronic Insurance claim form SERVPRO will communicate regularly with the insurance agency to help with the claims process

If you have an emergency at work that causes significant damage, you have several important steps to follow. Your first priority is to make sure everyone is safe. You also need to stop the source of the problem and make sure you call the appropriate professionals for cleanup, repair, and restoration. Filing an insurance claim is also critical. Your plan should help cover the costs of getting your building back in shape. Professional disaster cleanup companies will not only help take care of the damage, but they'll also work closely with claim services.

What Your Plan Should Cover

When you purchase commercial property insurance, you protect yourself and your organization from heavy financial losses. You should be able to contact claim services and get effective coverage should in the following situations:

  • Flooding due to a sudden, unexpected event such as a pipe burst or failed appliance
  • Damage to your building from vandalism or other criminal activity
  • Damage from some types of weather-related incidents
  • Fires

Contacting Your Insurance Provider

An important component in the emergency response process is to inform your insurance company of the disaster right away. Your agent will want to know details of the situation, including what happened, how it occurred, what parts of your building it affected and the extent of the damage.

Help From the Cleanup Teams

Professional disaster recovery companies such as SERVPRO will communicate regularly with the insurance agency to help with the claims process. The restoration company can provide valuable information to the insurance representative. Technicians can take photos of the damage and give an assessment of the cleanup, repair and restoration needs in the building. Cleanup crew members can provide expert answers when the insurance company asks questions about the emergency incident.
By working with claim services, the disaster cleanup company will help the process go faster and more smoothly. It's comforting to know you have a partner during this process from start to finish.

How Good Is Your Commercial Insurance for Mold?

1/7/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth on white surface Mold growth in Golden Glades, FL

As a property manager or a business owner in Golden Glades, FL, there's no shortage of things to keep you awake at night. You might wonder what forms you haven't filled out, or what the next surprise will be. When it comes to your commercial insurance, you might wonder if there is a scenario out there that you need more robust coverage. What about an outbreak of mold in the dark and damp corners of your business? Could that be a problem? Well, just like a lot of things in life, it all depends. In general, though, so long as you have not been woefully, negligent, your commercial policy provides some basic protections against mold damage.

The Basics of Commercial Insurance for Mold

Insurances policies are complicated documents, so it is always best to go over your policy with your agent for final clarification. In general mold insurance covers these instances for a commercial property:

  • Most policies provide for a limited fungus coverage
  • The coverage pays for loss or damage caused by fungus or dry rot and bacteria
  • The cause of the mold damage must be from a specified cause such as water damage or leaking fire-fighting equipment

Once the mold has been discovered, action must be taken immediately by your company. Failure to respond prudently with mold mitigation measures can result in a forfeiture of your mold insurance coverage.

The Basics of Mold Cleanup

Once mold is found in your building, it's smart to deal with a professional mold remediation company in Golden Glades, FL. The experts will come to the scene quickly and begin the process of mold containment and a full cleanup. The mitigation company will help you work with the commercial insurance agent by providing a detailed list of services and repairs. In general, mold policies limit coverage to a specified dollar amount. This could be for multiple incidents, but the total payout would not exceed $15,000 a year.

Smoke Damage Restoration

12/28/2019 (Permalink)

The outside of a building with smoke damage Smoke damage to a North Miami, FL building

Basic Restoration Process

Smoke damage to your North Miami, FL, business can be a major hassle. Fortunately, it is possible to thoroughly restore many smoke-damaged items. The following steps outline the basic restoration process:

Take care of any water damage. If you suffered a fire, you will likely have water damage from the fire-extinguishing efforts. Dry out all water before beginning smoke cleaning. If you allow the water to linger for more than about 24 hours, a mold problem may develop.

Clean smoke and soot from surfaces. As soon as the area is dry, you can begin working on cleaning the smoke and soot. It is important to begin as soon as possible because soot damage is often corrosive. The depth of smoke penetration will determine the best cleaning method. There are specialized cleaners and sponges designed for soot and smoke cleaning. Some surfaces may have to be sanded down to fully remove the residue.
Throw out all items that cannot be fully cleaned. Unfortunately, some items will be too damaged to properly clean. Others may require so much restoration work that it would be cheaper to simply replace them.

Repair damaged items. Soot and smoke damage may have corroded some items and discolored others. For items that can be salvaged, you may be able to do simple repairs, such as painting and re-finishing, yourself. For delicate objects or those requiring specialized repairs, you may want to find a contractor with experience in restoring that type of item.

Remove lingering smoke odor. Smoke odor is notoriously persistent. Fortunately, there are several effective types of odor removal. These include ozone treatments, thermal fogging and air purification. Your building may require only one type of treatment or a combination.

In some cases, the restoration process can be too complex for an individual to manage alone. If you feel overwhelmed, a certified restoration company can address smoke damage and any other fire-related issues in your North Miami, FL, business.

5 Steps a Business Can Take for Storm Preparation

12/17/2019 (Permalink)

Man cleaning rain gutter One way to help avoid flood damage to regularly clean out the building’s gutters

Storm Preparation

Preventing flooding in your Surfside, FL, can be an important aspect of protecting your company assets. Part of this can include preparing for a storm before it strikes. Here are five steps you may wish to consider.

1. Clean Out Gutters
One way to help avoid flood damage to regularly clean out the building’s gutters. A blocked gutter can create water overflow which can back up into the building. This can damage the roof and any supporting walls, or rooms below.

2. Maintain Drainage
Another important step to protecting your business property is to keep any drainage systems maintained. This could mean keeping ditches clear of bushes and other debris, or ensuring that drains have not become blocked. Blocked drainage can lead to overflow and flooding.

3. Install a Sump Pump
Many professionals recommend the installation of a sump pump to help prevent flooding. These devices are installed in areas where it’s common for storm water to get into, such as a basement, and can help remove the water from the space before it causes long term damage.

4. Choose a Professional
You may also want to choose a local storm damage restoration service and keep their information on hand. These professionals can deal with a variety of storm caused problems, including cleaning up black water.

5. Watch the Weather
Perhaps one of the easiest steps to take is to keep an eye on the weather. This will allow you to know when a storm is coming, and to take proper precautionary steps ahead of time.
Preparing for a storm ahead of time may help you prevent flooding on your company property. Remember to keep your gutters and drainage systems clear of debris, consider installing a sump pump, and know who to call if the business property does experience damage. You may also want to keep an eye on any approaching weather.

4 Things You Should Do If Your Toilet Overflows

12/5/2019 (Permalink)

Bathroom with flooding Overflowing toilet in Sunny Isles, FL

4 Things You Should Do If Your Toilet Overflows

An overflowing toilet in your Sunny Isles, FL, home can be frustrating and difficult to deal with. There are many reasons that this might happen, from a simple clog to sewer damage. Whatever the cause, the following are a few things that you should do in this situation.

1. Turn Off the Water Source

If your toilet is overflowing and will not stop, then this means something is supplying water to the area. If there is a clog or sewer damage and the water cannot properly drain, it can sometimes back up into the toilet, sink or shower. One way to help is to avoid using appliances, such as dishwashers or washing machines, that use water. In some cases, you may need to turn off the water supply to the building.

2. Block Off the Area

If the flooded toilet has caused a significant amount of water to back up and overflow into the bathroom, then you might need to close off the area. If you don’t, the water can continue to spread and can end up affecting a larger area of the house. Boards and tarps are possible ways to do this.

3. Remove Items From the Area

You don’t want water from the toilet to damage your belongings, so move what you can to a dry location. Any items that have already been affected should be set aside as well. A professional service might be able to salvage them if the damage is not severe.

4. Clean and Sanitize

Because there might be sewage water entering your home through the toilet, it is important that the area is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. If there is an extensive amount of water, it is best to contact a sewage company to handle the problem for you. This water is likely category 3 and highly contaminated, so you should avoid contact with it.
If sewer damage, broken pipes or a clog has resulted in water damage in your home, you should call a cleanup and restoration company to return your home to its previous condition. They can make any necessary repairs to the building and affected belongings.

Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

12/2/2019 (Permalink)

Renters insurance Mold damage is an example of a cause of loss that may or may not be covered by renter’s insurance.

A tenant’s personal property is usually not covered by the insurance policy of their landlord. For that reason, many tenants choose to purchase rental insurance. However, renter’s insurance doesn’t cover every cause of loss that might damage a tenant’s property. Whether the damage is covered depends primarily on the cause of the mold and the policy exclusions.

1. Cause of the Mold
If the tenant can trace the cause of the mold that damaged their property to a covered cause of loss, their renter’s insurance may apply. For example, if the roof of their rental was damaged by a storm and that storm damage caused a leak that resulted in their property getting wet from rain and molding, then that damage might be covered.

2. Policy Exclusions
Most rental insurance policies contain exclusions for certain types of damages. A common exclusion is damage caused by an external flood. In order to get coverage for this peril, most renters will need to purchase separate flood insurance. Another commonly excluded peril is negligence. For instance, damage to property caused by a leaky toilet may be covered. However, if the tenant noticed the leak months ago and never reported it to their landlord, the damage might be excluded if it’s determined that the tenant's negligence in reporting the leak lead to the property damage.

Whether property damage caused by mold is covered by rental insurance depends on the specific policy and the cause of damage. Because of the limitations of renter’s insurance, it may be wise to avoid extensive mold damage by contacting a professional in North Miami who can assist with mold removal or storm cleanup before mold develops or spreads beyond the limits of what a renter’s insurance policy can address.

Steps to Creating a Fire Escape Plan

11/27/2019 (Permalink)

fire safety plan In the event of a fire, your well-being is most critical. Give yourself and your family members peace of mind by developing a fire escape plan.

The thought of a fire starting in your North Miami, home would certainly fill you with fear. Though you may not think this could happen to you, it's important to be prepared in case this disaster strikes. In addition to having functioning smoke alarms to alert you of the danger, you should develop a fire escape plan so everyone in your household knows how to get to safety.

Identify Exit Routes
During a home fire, every second counts. You may not have a lot of time to get out before the fire spreads and before flames and smoke block every path. As a family, walk through your house and point out every possible exit point. Also, make sure you do the following:

Identify the easiest windows to open.
Make sure everyone knows how to open windows.
Choose two safe exits from every room in the house.

Choose a Meeting Place
Deciding where to meet outside the home is one of the most important aspects of fire preparation. Everyone in your family needs to know precisely where to go after exiting. This should be a spot far enough away from the house that you're safe. This could be a neighbor's house or a nearby park.

Make Assignments
If you have younger or elderly family members that would need assistance getting out of the home, ensure that someone helps get them out. This is also important in a fire escape plan for people with physical limitations. Assign someone to retrieve pets in the event of a fire, too.

At least twice a year, you should run through the escape plan. Time yourself to see how fast you can exit, and note improvements from year to year. Go through a test run at different times, including at night.

What To Expect From FEMA Following a Natural Disaster

11/12/2019 (Permalink)

FEMA US Homeland Security Citizen and Immigration Services Flyer Closeup Flyer of Federal Emergency Management Agency

When a significant disaster occurs in Biscayne Park, FL, some of the first responders may be professionals from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. FEMA representatives may help arrange for shelter and assistance for recovery, and they also work with local companies and inspectors to determine the extent of the damage. As you wait for this official to show up at your home, there are a couple of steps you should take:

  • Gather documents to establish proof of residency. These could be the deed to the home, tax records, insurance paperwork, or a mortgage payment book.
  • Take pictures of damages throughout your home and keep an inventory of belongings before you get rid of or move anything.
  • Remove trash and damaged property from the home and yard.

After contacting a government official, you should receive a pamphlet in the mail with further information about your responsibilities and what to expect from government programs.

The Initial Walk-Through

One of the first things a FEMA inspector does at your home is to look at the damage, taking pictures and generally assessing the destruction. Next, the inspector meets with you (the homeowner) to complete paperwork. If you can't prove that you own the property, there may be very little the official can do to help you.

Collaboration Between Professionals

With ownership established, the inspector walks through the property and writes down all of the damage. At this point, the government inspector and the insurance adjuster may collaborate. If you plan to work with local storm and flood damage professionals, this is a good time to contact them for their input. Remember the government and insurance officials aren't necessarily looking out for your best interests. A company representative you've hired has more motivation to give you a full description of the work to be done.

If natural disasters have led to flooding in your Biscayne Park, FL, home, knowing what to expect from FEMA and other officials can reduce some of the stress. Above all, make sure you have the paperwork you need to prove ownership of the property.

How To Confirm a Shower Leak

10/23/2019 (Permalink)

Leakage of water from a shower cabin with glass wall that is damaged How to confirm a shower leak in your home?

If you let a bathtub leak go too long, it will probably end up being a rather expensive fix in Miami Shores, FL. It's important to be vigilant with your bathroom appliances to avoid water and mold damage spreading to the rest of your house.

Initial Signs

If you've found this article that probably means you've begun to suspect a shower leak. What are the signs you should be noticing if that were the case? They can be subtle, although they are causing a lot of hidden water damage. Some suspicious activity includes:

  • Stains on the ceiling below the shower
  • White, crusty stalactites hanging in your crawlspace
  • Loose floor tiles in the bathroom
  • No other fixture in your bathroom leaking

Testing the Shower Pan

Initially, you can start testing a shower pan leak by thumping the tile and picking the grout. This can start to expose the weak points that may exist. However, the real test comes when you fill it with water. Be sure to cover the drain so nothing escapes, and then fill it to about an inch below the threshold. It helps if two or more people are with you, so that someone can keep an eye on all areas it could be leaking to below. Bring a flashlight- even in a lit room it will help you to see the water.

Other Shower Components

The problem might not be your shower pan, it could be one of the other shower components causing your bath tub leak. First look at your tub faucet, be sure check for any loose escutcheons. If your shower arm is loose, it might mean that there is a fitting leak inside the wall. You could either cut the wall, or use a shower arm escutcheon and setscrew to fix it temporarily. You should also check the door, glass and hardware, if you have any.
You can do a lot of this bathtub leak testing yourself, but if you find a leak you'll need to bring in a plumber to do a full assessment and repair, anyway. Keep a wary eye to the ceiling and you'll go far!